Tibet's Peach Blossom Valley open to tourists

Tibet's famous peach blossom valley, Potoh Peach Blossom Valley in Pome County, opened to public on March 28th. Covering a total area of roughly 155.04 square kilometers, the valley has a total of 180,000 and 200,000 peach trees, with the average age of 360 years and the oldest being 680 years. 

At the opening ceremony, more than 20 girls and boys dressed in clothes decorated with glaciers, forests, peach blossoms walked along the catwalk to demonstrate the beauty of Pome to locals and visitors admiring the beautiful flowers.

Pome means "ancestor" in Tibetan. It is located in southeastern Tibet with warm climate and abundant tourism resources. Strolling about in the peach valley is like being in a beautiful oil painting.

Pome is not only the peach valley of Tibet, it is also known as the "glacier town" with over 2,000 oceanic glaciers. The snow mountains and peach blossoms form a contrast, making Pome the "Switzerland on plateau" in the eyes of many tourists.

"I've been to Tibet more than ten times, but each time the scenery is different and gives me a different feeling. This year I come especially to see the peach blossoms, hoping it can provide a fountain of ideas for photography enthusiasts," said Mr. Fan, a tourist from south China's Guangdong Province who is accompanied by other 12 people as they headed westbound in three cars along the 318 National Road, taking photos and experiencing local culture.

Pome is located on the 318 National Road and many tourists travel through here every year. "Over the past few years road has got better and better, and Tibetan people are always so hospitable. Restaurants and accommodation have improved, and there are plenty of sights to attract people," he added.

At present, Pome County has already become a stop off point for those looking for accommodation, food, rest and other supplies.