Various tourism souvenirs available in shopping stores in Lhasa

To meet tourists' shopping demand and enrich tourism souvenirs, at present, there are about 2600 tourism shopping stores in Lhasa downtown and a variety of tourism souvenirs are available for tourists to choose, according to the Lhasa Tourism Bureau.

At present, most tourism shopping stores in Lhasa mainly operates in the field of cordyceps sinensis, saffron crocus and bijouterie. With the development of tourism industry, more and more souvenirs begin to emerge in the market. What's more, tourists' choose scope is more and more wide.

Now, there are 2600 tourism shopping stores in Lhasa downtown, and their tourism souvenirs cover artware, silk fabrics, electronic products and so on.

In recent years, there is a large increase in number of tourists to Tibet and their requirement of tourism quality is also becoming higher. Apart from visiting scenic spots and historic sites, tourists will buy tourism souvenirs and eating local food. Now, Lhasa City is positively creating characteristic tourism commodities with the aim of meeting tourists' diversified demands and fully displaying Lhasa City's unique enchantment.