First Mt. Qomolangma hiking assembly concluded

The first 2016 Mt. Qomolangma hiking assembly was concluded recently. 20 professional athletes from around the country and 40 hiking hobbyists along with 12 volunteers from high schools around the country participate in the activity.

On the first day of the two-day activity, the participants took a bus and had a ride along the well known Route 102 Mt. Qomolangma road. They also did some 300 meter hiking warm up exercises at the top of the Jiawula mountain pass at 5,198 meters. When the group arrived to the first viewing point, they got out to gaze at the colossal 8000 plus meter range of snow capped mountains.

At the Mt. Qomolangma base camp, the participants had a bonfire with local herders. Along with the sound of music, the participants sang and danced with a group of performers around the fire. While some photo lovers quickly set up their cameras to take pictures of glimmering stars above the mountains.

Within the Mt. Qomolangma park, there is another place that hikers simply have to go and see and that is Karma valley. It is nestled between several mountains in the Mt. Qomolangmaarea. It is created by erosion from snow water and running rivers. There is a saying that states it is “the most beautiful valley in the world”.

Mt. Qomolangma, the world’s highest peak, is located in Tingri County in the Shigatse of Tibet abundant in river and mountain tourism related resources. Next year in May, the local government will together with related units conduct the second annual Mt. Qomolangma hiking assembly.