2016 Nyingchi Yarlung Tibetan Eco-Culture Tourism Festival opens

In the morning of September 26th the 2016 Nyingchi Yarlung Tibetan Eco-Culture Tourism Festival opened with the theme “peaceful humanity and beautiful Nyingchi”.

For the four days of activities, in succession, various exhibitions are being held including the “peaceful humanity and beautiful Nyingchi” movie exhibition, the intangible cultural asset song and dance exhibition, the citizens health activities, experiencing Lulang, the Lulang high mountain peak forum, the Tibetan medicine development forum, the 12th Tibet Nyingchi investment and trade discussion conference and the specialty product promotional exhibition amongst other series of activities.

This time around the Nyingchi Yarlung Tibetan Eco-Culture Tourism Festival fully displays the special characteristics of the city from all angles with content including cultural activities, tourist experiences, foreign exchanges, commerce promotion and other things. It has the aim of deeply integrating culture and tourism, to work together symbiotically with nature and expedite the transformation from scenic spot tourism to region-wide tourism. Furthermore, it works continuously to improve the local economy, the vigor of development as well as competitiveness.

The city of Nyingchi takes full advantage of its special advantages in the regard of ecotourism resources and continues to improve tourism-related facilities in the regard of service quality while strengthening regional tourist exchange cooperation. It is working with all its power to cultivate a strategic mainstay industry from the tourist industry as well as a contemporary service industry more well-liked by masses. By all of these means the city intends to transform itself into an important worldwide tourism destination.