Lulang International Tourism Town to be opened on National Day Holiday

The 7-day vacation on the occasion of National Day is coming soon. The Nyingchi Lulang International Town which was designed elaborately will start to be opened to the tourists during this holiday.

The Lulang International Tourism Town which will be opened to public very soon not only preserves the rich Tibetan cultural elements but also has an “international spirit”. According to various functions and different sectional uses, it is divided into the South Zone, Central Zone, North Zone and West Zone. These zones are independent to each other yet supplementing each other with distinct functions and unique character. 

The South Zone is the front hall in which the Lulang International Tourism Town welcomes tourists from different places. There is a small number of architectural pieces in the zone which are largely covered with green. The water construction has a health-care old castle.

The Central Zone is the center of the whole town and also is the most splendid place. There is a place for lake sightseeing. Tourists can see, visit and observe the yaks and forest above which there is a spectacular snow mountain range, which is perfectly suitable to the tourists all of whom love to be in nature and relaxed their mind. 

The North Zone is a high-level section which is mainly designed for those who want to spent a long holiday and have a long stay. There is an all-in-one multi-functional complex with restaurants, hot springs and spas. Other than this, there is also a small praying tower which is the finishing touch in the design of the scenic spot. The white praying tower stands in the water, reflecting into the lake with the mountains behind.

The West Zone is designed with a citizen square on the outside which looks free and tidy. The service center, the firehouse and parking area function perfectly. Apart from this, the Lulang primary school has been set up as the lowest place within the valley in the West Zone which enriches the functions of the zone. Another function of the West Zone is to provide the South, North and Central zones the logistic service which takes care of the workers’ lodging issue. The West Zone is a service zone which is very complete in function so that it is an indispensable part of the Lulang International Tourism Town.

The Lulang International Tourism Town preserves a comparatively complete Tibetan architectural style, such as wooden roofs, wooden courtyards and wooden fences which is a perfect copy in which we can see the combination of the resident styles of Lhasa, Shigatse, Chamdo and Nagqu. The tourists do not have to travel the entirety of Tibet, they can enjoy the architectural styles of different areas here in the Lulang Town.