Home stays in Tibet: a new highlight of tourist industry

From Qamdo in eastern Tibet to Nyingchi in southeastern Tibet, distinguished lodging can be found everywhere on the unique “scenic routes” in Tibet, which has warmed up home-inn business in Tibet as well as has brought the visible “blessedness” to the local people. It was reported that the tourism lodging industry has already developed into a “new normal”.

The flourishing development of the lodging business in Tibet, apart from being credited to the good policies carried out by the government, also owes to the unique tourist resources and the profound humanity culture in Tibet.

There is a large number of non-standard lodging in Tibet such as home stays, lodges and hostels. Unlike the standardized hotels, home stays to a certain degree have characteristics of their own. Home stays do not simply just provide “lodging” but also bring about the fresh and relaxed feelings of “living in another place”, this kind of living is totally different from the daily lifestyle.

The development of the lodging business in Tibet will also benefit from the rapid development of the tourist industry. In 2015, the whole region realized an amount of tourist income numbering to 28.1 billion RMB , an amount that accounts for 2% of the total GDP.