Tibet’s Pai-Medog hiking route temporarily closed

The hiking route between Pai Township and Medog County in Tibet's Nyingchi City has temporarily been closed and the opening time is yet to be determined, Xinhua reported.

Recently Nyingchi has seen a lot of rainfall and many geological disasters, including frequent landslides, mudslides and avalanches along the Pai-Medog hiking route. Not long ago, a landslide occurred at Badengze Village in Medog County, and eight villagers from Dexing Village, who were hiding from the rain in caves, were buried.

The person in charge at Medog County Tourism Bureau said that, the Pai-Medog hiking route currently carries a very big safety risk. To ensure the safety of hiking tourists, tourists are forbidden to enter or leave Medog County via the Pai-Medog route without authorization.

Medog is located in southeastern Tibet's Nyingchi and has the last public road in China. Pai-Medog tourist hiking route starts from Pai Twonship in Mainlin County and enters Medog via Beibeng Township. It was once chosen as one of the top ten hiking routes in “China National Geography”.