Frequent natural disasters seen along Sichuan-Tibet Highway recently

Recently, there has been frequent rainfall and flash floods along the Tibetan section of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Hidden danger from natural disasters, including landslides and mudslides, has also increased.

Tibet’s rainy season has arrived, especially along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway at Chamdo and Nyingchi where frequent rainfall has led to slippery roads, loose mountain snow and rising river levels. Meanwhile, some dangerous sections of road are under construction, increasing the risk of passage.

The transport department reminds tourists entering Tibet to pay attention to weather information in advance and closely observe the situation along the mountain roads. When coming across roads with flying rocks, avoid staying for too long. Avoid crossing bridges where there is a sharp rise in river water levels. Also, tourists should be in strict compliance with instructions from the local traffic department.

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is 2,400 km long, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters. The line is rich in natural and cultural landscape, with cars, hikers and bikers regarding it as the classic tourist route into Tibet.