Tibet tourist market warming up

Following the weather warming up, the tourist market of Tibet is also gradually “warming up”; more and more foreign and Chinese visitors can be seen in those scenic spots such as the Potala Palace, the Barkor Street and the Jokhang Temple.

At the moment, the Jokhang Temple, as the “barometer” of Tibetan tourism, is receiving more and more tourists. The whole Barkor Street is filled with people; plenty of beautiful ethnic handicrafts attract tourists coming from all over the world. The travel agencies situated at the bottom of the Potala Palace are also receiving many tourists coming for tourist information.

In order to attract tourists, many large travel agencies in Tibet have been promoting various special tourist routes such as “enjoying peach blossoms in Nyingchi, “Viewing Mount Qomolangma in Shigatse” one after another. Tourists not only can enjoy joyous sightseeing they can also visit local households and taste authentic Tibetan cuisine.

In 2015, Tibet received 20 million tourists for the first time, allowing the total year tourist related income number to 28 billion RMB.