Tibet's Medog County welcomes over 70,000 visitors in 2015

In the more than two years since the highway was built to Medog County, Tibet, the tourism industry there has seen rapid development. Last year, Medog welcomed a total of 70,800 tourists. Meanwhile, since Medog began selling tickets for entrance to its scenic areas in 2014, total ticket sales have exceeded 5 million yuan.

Medog County Tourism Bureau has created a self-driving tour route outside of the original scenic area. This tour route is about 164 kilometers, starting from Zhamo Highway to Beibeng Township.

Along the way you can view the Galongla Waterfall, the wonder of Swallow Pond, the Medog Waterfalls, the Menba suspended tower and other scenic sites, as well as “plant fossil” spinulosa trees and other such thousands of kinds of plants and animals.

Medog County lies in southeastern Tibet. It is known as “secret lotus area” and has an average elevation of only 1,200 meters.

It is famous at home and abroad for its natural ecology and highland tropical climate. The drop in elevation here is huge, with both brilliant snow mountains and tropical and subtropical plants existing side-by-side, and it is knows as a “hiker’s paradise”.

Tourists think very highly of the mysterious and unique cultures of the local Menba and Lhoba minorities. In October 2013, the Medog Highway opened to traffic, thereby removing the label of the last county to not be accessible by highway.