320 Tibetan Buddhist monks graduate in Lhasa

About 320 Tibetan Buddhist monks completed their academic studies at the Xizang Buddhism University in Lhasa, Xizang Autonomous Region, and participated in a graduation ceremony recently.

During the ceremony on Sunday, the new graduates received various academic degrees and were presented with graduation certificates by the officials.

Of the graduates, nine young living Buddhas who captivated the audience with a collective recitation at the junior middle school graduation ceremony. Their showcase of calligraphy works and dharma debating prowess underscored their dedication to both spiritual and academic pursuits.

During the ceremony, graduate student Tenzin Yontan, a monk student from the Gonsar Monastery in the Driru county of the region's Nagchu city, delivered a heartfelt speech expressing gratitude to the revered teachers whose profound knowledge and selfless dedication have illuminated the path of the students.

Since its establishment in 2011, the Xizang Buddhism University has nurtured more than 1,700 graduates under the guidance of more than 70 dedicated faculty members.