The 23rd Tour of Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race About to Start

Small and exquisite folding bicycles, road bicycles and mountain bikes with unique configurations, and different various kinds of cycling equipment are put in order... It was on the weekend on of June 29. A sports bicycle specialty store at the Xining Central Square was very noisy. Many people came and went. The store owner Shi Lei was busy introducing the model or repairing the bicycle in an orderly way.

Shi Lei said: “In recent years, driven by the race with the brand of Tour of Qinghai Lake, more and more people started to choose a low-carbon lifestyle and enjoy cycling and bicycle consumption gradually became popular. In the last two years, on the footpaths more than 500 kilometers long and in the parks and tourist attractions in Xining, we can see citizens cycling everywhere. They are more and more professional.”

In 2020, there were nearly 100 members of the Xining Bicycle Association and cycling lovers and five related competitions were held each year. In 2023, there were nearly 2,000 registered members and cycling lovers and more than 20 cycling activities were carried out each year. The number of cycling lovers constantly increased. The green, low-carbon, and healthy lifestyle is loved by more and more people.

The opening ceremony of the 23rd Tour of Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race will be held on July 6 in Xining. If this large-scale sports event is held, it can not only promote the prosperity and development of the local bicycle consumption market but also develop the idea of a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle.