Kangba TV launches new music program Tibetan Music Chart


CHENGDU, Sept. 1 (Kangba TV) -- Kangba TV launches Tibetan Music Chart in September, 2017.

Tibetan Music Chart is a music program favored by audiences in Tibetan-inhabited areas.

The program started to broadcast four years ago, aiming to build a fair, impartial and authoritative public-benefit platform of Tibetan music and promote fine music and culture of Tibetan people.

The new Tibetan Music Chart, launched by Kangba TV, promotes Tibetan songs in an all-round way via TV programs, multiple media platforms and off-line activities.

Tibetan Music Chart will promote the chart through Shambhala Music, a public WeChat account. It also carries out a new segment, “Sing Tibetan Songs Together”.

Audiences can produce their cover versions of any songs on the chart and send videos via WeChat, thus to win the chance of showing themselves on the Internet or on TV.

Besides thumbing up to the songs they like, music fans can also watch the live streaming of Tibetan music singers, and participate in the fan club to interact with the singers.

For more information, please scan the QR code of Shambhala Music, click the websites and follow the public WeChat account of Kangba TV and Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) of Shambhala Music.