Sichuan-Tibet power network benefits Tibetan people

The Tibet Chamdo Power Grid has transmitted 72.69million  kilowatts of power per hour from the Sichuan-Tibet network towards the North China Power Grid, the largest transmission reaching 65,000 kilowatts.

The Sichuan-Tibet Network project was established and began operation in November 2014 with a total investment of 6.63 billion yuan, and includes a 1,521 kilometer and 500 kilovolt circuit and four transformer substations from the east in Xiangcheng County, Sichuan, through Bathang to Chamdo, Tibet. It not only solves Chamdo city’s seasonal power shortages and low network coverage for the area’s population, but also greatly improves the living conditions of the Tibetan people. It also opens up a surplus of power in the channel during high water level periods, as well as makes Chamdo an important base for continual transmission of energy resources from west to east.