Tibet increases foreign trade total

In the first three quarters of this year, the total value of imports and exports of foreign trade in the Tibet autonomous region was 3.38 billion yuan ($484 million) with an increase of 29.4 percent year-on-year, of which the total value of exports was 3.17 billion yuan, Tibet Daily reported

The increase of foreign trade of the region in the first three quarters of this year was 19.5 percent higher than the national average, it said.

With good cargo-handling capacity, dates from the China's General Administration of Customs shows that the region's customs clearance time in June 2022 was reduced by 69.7 percent compared with June 2021. The maximum cargo-handling capacity of the region's Gyirong Port has increased from three trucks at the beginning to the 14 trucks presently. The daily clearance volume of the region's Zhangmu Port has increased to a daily average of 12 trucks from a daily three trucks at the beginning.

Additionally, the regional commerce department also largely supports enterprises exploring international markets.

Tibetan local products such as carpets, food, medicines, barley products, and ethnic handicrafts were exhibited to domestic and overseas purchasers via the online Canton Fair this year.

By Daqiong and Palden Nyima in Lhasa