The 162 Tibetan kids find another family in Jiangsu

One-hundred-sixty-two Tibetan students are matched with hosting families at the 7th annual Han-Tibetan in One Family event, held at the Tibetan Nationality High School in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.

This gives every Tibetan child a family in Changzhou, so that they could feel the bond and support of family in their second hometown, Changzhou city, 4,200 kilometers from Tibet.

As part of aid-Tibet in education sector, there are many Tibetan schools inland. Every August, a group of Tibetan kids leave their families to Changzhou for school.  

The School has had the Han-Tibetan in One Family event for seven years. "Changzhou Mom, Changzhou Dad" are now a brand of the school event, helping to further the exchange, communication, and interaction between the Tibetans and the Han.