Zhenda Guozhuang: Combination of Dynamism and Tenderness

Zhenda Guozhuang or circle dance has a history of one hundred years. In the beginning, Zhenda Guozhuang has only been an activity held by the masses in rural regions after busy season to celebrate harvest and also wish everyone good health, happiness and auspicious. Now, it is an indispensable performance of large-scale event.

As a large-scale Guozhuang dance, Zhenda Guozhuang can be performed by hundreds of dancers. Zhenda Guozhuang is a kind of group dance. A person who is good at dancing leads the dance.

In general, the lead dancer, also called “Zhuoben”, stands in front of or at the rear of the group. The dance shower will also wear a flower on the chest to distinguish.

Zhenda Guozhuang features fast dance moves. Male dancers give expression to vitality, openness and boldness, while female dancers embody the combination of dynamism and tenderness. The whole Guozhuang shows a gradual intensification of dance moves.

The common themes of Serxu Guozhuang include praise of life, local mountains and rivers and wish for happiness. In rural regions, on 15th day of each month on Tibetan calendar, young people will get together to dance Guozhuang.

During Tibetan festivals or other events, there are hundreds of, even thousands of dancers joining Zhenda Guozhuang. The county dance of Serxu is a large-scale Guozhuang danced by thousands of dancers.