Losar celebration in a Tibetan village

Jiuba Village is located in Bayi District in Nyingchi Prefecture of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Located on the scenic riverbanks of Nyang River, the village has a country style that is poetic and calm. There aren’t many people in the village usually, during the New Year, however, people working outside the village have returned and students studying out of town are also back, giving the whole village a festive air.

Cleaning, frying kasai pastries, rehearsing Tibetan opera shows... as the scent of meat wafts from the kitchen and cooking smoke rises, kids in bright clothes could be seen playing on the streets.

As Lunar December arrives, homes in Jiuba village are preparing for the New Year. Everywhere in and around the home have to be cleaned.

The kitchen of villager Yangzom is filled with air-dried Tibetan pig meat, and the chema box is decorated with bright and colorful yak butter flowers.

Villager Yangzom pouring yak butter tea for guests.

In 2018, Jiuba Village had a total income of 5.95 million yuan (877 thousand US dollars) and a per capita income of 34,261 yuan (5,054 US dollars).

Highland barley wine, roasted Tibetan pig, dried apricots, tofu curd, festive dancing, happy singing, the lanterns at the front of every house... Long-lasting holiday traditions make everyone feel happy and relaxed.

Jiuba villagers attending a flag-raising ceremony.