“Paradise Cinema” charity plan comes to Tibet

On the evening of November 14, the “Paradise Cinema” joint charity construction project came to Tibet for the first time, building its eighth national but Tibet’s first “Paradise Cinema” in Lhasa.

The “Paradise Cinema” joint charity construction project is launched as a poverty alleviation and innovation public welfare project aimed at providing opportunities to spread film art and culture, promoting cultural communication and exchange, and continuously nurturing young people in film arts, according to reports.

Films are windows for youth to see the outside world; and only when they see it, they are inspired to get out,” an official said. “Paradise Cinema” once brought “ocean movies” to Taxkorgan, Xinjiang Urgur Autonomous Region, the farthest place from the sea, so that many young people living there could “see” the sea for the first time. “Paradise Cinema” will show more popular movies for free while promoting new joint construction projects on a larger scale at the same time.