Panchen Lama leaves for Beijing, ending research tour in Tibet

The 11th Panchen Lama, Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu(the Panchen Lama) completed his research and Buddhist ceremonial activities in Lhasa, Shigatse, Nagqu and Nyingchi in Tibet.

Since May 17th, 2016, the Panchen Lama has held Buddhist activities in Tibet. From July 21st – 24th, in Kelsang Potrang of Deqing, Shigatse, the Panchen Lama held the first Kalachakra ritual at the request of Buddhist believers. The successful ritual demonstrated the concrete growth of China’s ethnic and religious policies, and showed the wide support and beloved status the Panchen Lama had among the believers. The event received high praise from many esteemed monks, Living Buddhas, believers, and people from all sectors. In September, the Panchen Lama visited the poverty households and schools for the handicapped. On September 21st, he arrived in Tingri  County, Shigatse to learn about targeted poverty-reduction programs.

He first visited the central settlement location for poor families in Tingri County to learn about long-distance poverty-reduction efforts. Later on the same day, the Panchen Lama walked to the home of Tsesum Lhamo, an elderly resident in Shekar who is receiving poverty-relief help. He had an enjoyable tour of the home and chatted with the senior citizen.

After seeing the spacious and bright new home for the elderly man’s family, learning they were receiving government subsidies, and that all kinds of social welfare policies are in effect, the Panchen Lama was very relieved. He said, “With help from the Party and the government, and your own work, your life has improved so much. I hope you will keep a grateful heart, teach your children to value the opportunities available, and build an even better life for the future. I wish all of you good health, a long life, and happiness!” Upon leaving, the Panchen Lama gave the elderly man gifts of Buddhist sutras, sacred portraits, and gift money.

On Oct 11th, the Panchen Lama met with representatives from the religious circle of Shigatse at a forum. During the discussions, the representatives congratulated the Panchen Lama for the success of his first Kalachakra ritual. There were lively discussions about Tibet’s beneficial policies for monks and temples, the changes they have created, and new ways to build model monasteries and cultivating the best staff members for monasteries.

In a series of Buddhist activities, the Panchen Lama visited various Tibetan monasteries in Namling County, Samzhubzê District, Tingri County, Rinbung County, and other areas. In addition, he attended a sutra-launch ceremony for Sutra Master Karchen Sherabyapei.

Wherever the Panchen Lama visited, Buddhists waited in the streets in orderly lines for his blessing. Whenever the believers approached his delegation, the Panchen Lama would always wave, get out of the car, and personally bless them.