Spring Bud Project, other benefits initiatives cover Qinghai


Spring Bud Project, Forever love Action, “MusicRadio: I Want to go to School” aid action, “Happy Home for Kids” and other public-benefit projects, implemented by China Children and Teenagers' Foundation have achieved 100% coverage in Qinghai Province; the journalist got from the Women's Federation of Qinghai Province in 6th, September. 

Spring Bud Project, aimed to assist girls of poor areas of China to return to school, initiated by All Women's Federation of China, was launched and carried out by China Children and Teenagers' Foundation in 1989. During the past 27 years of its implementation, the project has built 1,402 Spring Bud schools and aided 3.3 million girls to receive education. With the help of the project, a large number of girls were able to change their lives and became achievers in many industries.Spring Bud Project has become the successful example of public benefit organization to promote the development of girls' education.

China Children and Teenagers' Foundation has aided 15,455 girls via “Spring Bud Project” and helped 3,720 students go to school by “MusicRadio: I Want to go to School”, including the "Blue Sky, Spring Bud Project" which donated 6.27 million yuan as scholarship aid to 5, 000 impoverished, orphans and disabled children in Yushu, since the foundation began these public benefit programs in Qinghai Province, noted Zhu Xisheng, the Secretary-General of China Children and Teenagers' Foundation.