Faith and persistence of a female Tibetan painter

"It's for beauty, nothing else. Because of beauty, I paint; there's nothing deep or profound about it!" This is how the female Tibetan painter Tangse Dawa feels.

Tangse Dawa was born in Nyingchi, Tibet. When she was a child, she enjoyed sitting by her father, watching him painting various flowers, birds, insects, and fish on the cupboard of Tibetan style. So Dawa believes that her enlightenment education of painting is from her father.

With a strong love for painting, Tangse Dawa finally got a valuable opportunity to study at the Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in Zhejiang Province. After graduation, she became an art teacher at the Lhasa Youth Center. During this period, she took classes on traditional thangka painting at Tibet University for about two years, which infused her works of art with both contemporary art styles and traditional, ethnic characteristics.

Tangse Dawa's paintings are as simple and pure as she is. In the hustle and bustle of rush city life, few people are willing to slow down and spend time in thinking about things calmly. But Tangse Dawa has always insisted on maintaining her own original intention with painting. A flower, a cloud, a temple, a person… all becomes beautiful in her eyes and paintings.